May 15, 2015

John Wujcik

John Wujcik

Featured Artist, John Wujcik 

By far John had the most vibrant studio I had the pleasure to visit. He planned the experience from the lighting of his work, to the reflection on the walls. His work is sugary and sweet, and hints at aspects of a time forgotten. Erotic, exotic, and bold. We recommend digging a little deeper into his work. For more of John's work visit his website here.

Below are some highlights from our visit in his studio.

"Message to Mike" 8" x 10" x 2"  

Acrylic paint, Decal transfer, and Silverleaf on clay coated art board

"St Louis" 8" x 10" x 2" 

Acrylic paint, Decal transfer, Silverleaf and candy coated wrappers on clay coated art board.

John explaining his piece, "Its a Girl" (30"x 40").