Feb 5, 2015

Call to artist: Dwelling Project from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.

Dwelling Video

Artists needed for Dwelling!

Dwelling: art project.

Sydney Australia

Late October.

Gallery TBA

This is the general information. Artists must have one of our curators approval before acceptance. Please read this in its entirety before submitting any questions. Artists can contact us via Facebook at the Antagonist Movement. 

 What are we looking for?

Buildings made of recycled material(s). Sizes vary from 1 foot up to 5 feet tall (30-152 cm). Artists will be responsible for shipping their work to Sydney. Artwork will not be shipped back. It will be integrated into the performance, demolished, and filmed as part of a video and film installation.

We hope that the buildings reflect not just the artists own work but that of the neighborhoods and places they live in. We then will place and assemble the works together in a collection that resembles a city. Artwork should not include anything sharp or dangerous. Stackable work is welcome. 

By submitting your work, you acknowledge and agree that it will be included in the film regarding this project by Ethan Minsker (working title, “Dwelling”) Artists will be given the choice to make their work available for donation to a Sydney non profit that benefits homeless or those that need help after their home was lost or damaged. There will be no economic benefit for artists themselves. And again work not selected for the non-profits will be crushed. 

 We will do our best to document all submissions by videos, photo, and listings in our Psycho Moto fanzine/ catalog on project (deadline for fanzine credits 7/20/15 of the project).

All artists are invited to the events, however will have to make there own travel and housing arrangements. 


Once one of our curators approves your work, you will need the following: 

Artist name:




Curator reference: Image of Dwelling submission (not more than 1200 x1200, 600dpi and to be sent in .jpg or .pdf format only).


More detail on the project.

Artwork must arrive in Sydney by September 20th. Note: give most shippers a month or more to get work there. If you send work flat, please have clear instructions on how to build it and an easy contact by email for us if we have to reach you. 


When we think of our home, we think of how we live, work, play, and the comfort we experience in our humble safe haven. But what happens when the delicate balance becomes interrupted? Citizens for the Arts (CFA) and the Antagonist Art Movement’s latest project examines the hardships and the emotional ramifications of losing one’s home. Disasters, in mother nature such as the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, devastating earthquakes from around the world, economic strains such as foreclosures, and even areas wrought by the sieges of war and protest are all too familiar in the news. This project aims to strengthen awareness, and in turn discover alternative ways individuals can help one another in times of distress.