Jun 4, 2015

Bushwick Open Studios and the Goat Factory

Bushwick Open Studios and the Goat Factory

Members of CFA will be showing work this weekend as part of the Bushwick open studios as part of the Goat Factory. If you are interested in finding out more, Hyperallergic did a write up about the series of events here.

The Goat Factory would like to address art lovers and enthusiasts as such:

We welcome you,

To immerse into the world of Goat Factory studios.
From paintings to interactive kinetic sculptures to live bands a broad range of pieces waits for you to be discovered.
Enjoy the hidden backyard, walk through the basement space and find yourself in the gallery in the first floor.
Over 21 different artistic characters will make this show a blast.

It is gonna be legen.....dary:

Saturday 11 am-8pm
Sunday 11 am -8pm

Live Music:

Saturday: Tight Chocolate
Sunday: Dead Heavens

Screening of Self medicated ( The newest Antagonist Film)



Nube Alba

Shannon Daugherty

Rocio Infiestas 

Raul Ayala

Francisco Galarraga

Felix Lugo

Jennifer Mien Mien Lin

Ethan Minsker

Mattie Oswin

Vkro One


Olya Petrova


Ilya Popenko

James Rubio

Fernando Rascon

Jakob Theileis

Mayra Vega

Chris Yerington