Dec 1, 2015

Highlights from Sydney, Australia

Highlights from Sydney, Australia

As part of CFA's mission, our project in Sydney proved to be a complete success. It was an honor to conduct a series of workshops, host film screenings, and present an exhibtion of artworks from artists not only in Sydney, but from around the globe.

Workshops were led by CFA volunteers in conjunction with the I-Manifest organization. Here are some shots from the workshops led by Philip Schrader (Pinhole Camera workshop), Ethan Minsker (Zine making), and Shannon Daugherty (Flag Making & Lexicography using Screenprinting). Each of these workshops were designed so that students could develop and hone their creative skills. The students ranged in age from 14 to 17 and traveled up to two hours from several schools to meet us. At the end of each workshop leftover supplies were given to students to continue what they had learned. Each workshop was supplied with materials that could be accessible in the neighborhood, so students could replicate them with found, or little cost, materials.

As for the exhibition, CFA worked with the members of the Pool Collective. All proceeds from the show went to the Wayside Chapel, a housing effort to help homeless living in Sydney. Following the opening, members sought out other filmmakers and showed their work at the Golden Age film house. 

All in all the trip was a success. We met a lot of really great artists, and were able to give back to the Redfern community specifically. A big thank you to all of those who could make the trip possible: Hollie Black, Simon Harsent, Grace Mateo, Sue Lampey, Arthur Bradford, The Pool Collective and its members, all of the artists involved, 107 Projects for hosting the space, The Wayside Chapel, and I-Manifest. If we forgot to mention anyone, please know that we appreciate you also. This project could not have been a success without everyone's help! 

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