May 6, 2015

Fundraising for Dwelling via Hatchfun

Every little bit helps! 

We have been reaching out to institutions and individual donors such as yourselves to help raise all of the necessary funding for the anticipated project, Dwelling, taking place in Sydney, Australia for Fall 2015.

Thank you for re-sharing and all of your generous contributions! Citizens For the Arts is a recognized 501 (c)3 organization.


Apr 15, 2015


Hello all of you artists and art enthusiasts! If you wanna keep in the know with CFA sign up for our mailing list here: Citizens For the Arts Mailing List.

And if you haven't seen our latest project and how to get on board, have a look at our call for artist video clip!


Oct 28, 2014

Fanzine: CFA talk with Ethan Minsker

Ethan Minkser and Eric Wallin talk with students about fanzines and the organization. October 3rd-5th at Bennington College. Click on the link to check out the video: Zine Workshop at Bennington.