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Citizens for the Arts is inspired by the foundations created by The Antagonist Art Movement. Located in New York City’s East Village, and a community staple since 2000, the group consisted of a network of artists, musicians, and writers that would come together to celebrate one another’s talents and provoke each other’s creative potential. Since its inception the group has grown exponentially. As such, CFA has adapted these foundations, adding initiatives to foster domestic and international cultural exchange. The primary focus is to provide projects that enable learning opportunities, job opportunities, teaching and leadership skills, growth and support in other artistic ventures in each member’s respective communities.


Citizens For The Art's mission is to highlight artists of all ages in areas around the world that are considered under developed, or over looked. CFA seeks to help create a global platform offering a broader view of humanity, aiding personal development, and to exchange societal and cultural norms with one another. 

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