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DWELLING - Australia

When we think of our home, we think of how we live, work, play, make friends, build a family, find warmth and comfort. But what happens when the delicate balance becomes interrupted? “Dwelling”, is a project that ask artists to recreate a part of what they consider home, and have them reflect on the issue of the vulnerability of  losing your home.  As such, artists will recreate their homes as they remembered them. In turn, these scaled down reconstructions of the home will act as a collaborative effort in developing and recreating cities as they were remembered.

“Dwelling” is an examination of the loss and the emotional ramifications of losing your home. The project represents social interaction and initiates dialogue between the artist and their community. The project will be a multimedia experience  that will be later intercede with projection mapping for a video installation as well as include interviews from those affected by the loss of their homes.

Citizens for the arts non profit organization in new york city.

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